What a disappointment that the Conservatives got in May 2015


I was incredibly disappointed to see that the Tories got into power again with a majority vote May 15. 2015, I guess in the main this was due to the Rupert Murdoch press machine, (notice I put unadulterated picture of him in place, without ‘photoshoping’ horns onto his head.)

Rupert Murdoch Media Devil

Rupert Murdoch Media Devil

So… Mr. R. Murdoch sent a note out to all his employees, who were busy, peacefully, laying out leaded letters in wooden trays, mirror image of course, ready to print, thinking this could be another ‘Wapping’ where any minute now he could move his whole operation back to ‘Fleet Street’ and sack the lot of ‘em, so he demanded them to paint the opposition, Mr Ed Miliband in a bad light, no mention of policy, newspapers are not in the business of information they are in the business of ‘celebrity making and breaking’, that’s it! Nothing else! No policies analysed, just personalities photographed as their false teeth fell out whilst laughing, the Murdoch policy is all about character assassination. The Tory press must congratulate themselves, they got their Editors wishes in place, Rupert Murdoch got what HE wanted, that is Mr David Cameron in front of the fire side at number 10, burning all the papers he was in charge of during Leon Brittan stay in the cabinet, after all it’s important to keep warm. Imagine a situation when the newspapers and media, owned by a few, and that those few individuals can dictate the next UK Prime Minister. But so too the American President, Mr Murdoch plays his part in that too, SKY news in the UK and his handful of the most influential Newspapers and CNN in America, Fox in Australia, they dictate to the public who becomes the President of the United States. What a sad state of affairs. I friend of mine quoted one of those cliches, which is, ‘You get the Government you deserve’, I’m not sure about that. People may say “Well! you have the choice of Government, you vote for them!”And that is true, but…the media is dumbing down it’s news feeds to the UK people, the population is getting baby talk and idiots from Eaton interviewing one of their own. A good example of this is to watch the BBC and see how they trivialize politics, this can easily be illustrated by those who feed our diet of politics into the system, those friends of the Government who shared their dormitories at Eaton, Oxford, Cambridge and the like, now managers at the BBC. The BBC could never be accused of giving jobs to the most competent, it’s jobs for the boys, BBC jobs via some family connections, people like David Dimbleby, John Snow (who I think is OK) Peter Snow and his son Dan Snow all chosen on competence? Nothing to do with family connections, lets not be too keen to shout ‘nepotism’. As we said above, who owns the press? Mr. Murdoch owns the Press! or some other Lord from the privileged classes. So the BBC has some half wit journalist from Eaton, looking at the newspapers cover stories, in a section of the news called as, ‘What the Papers Say’ who did we say owns those paper? Rupert Murdoch owns those papers,  The Sun, The Times, Sunday Times, if it wasn’t so serious it would make you split your side laughing.
WappingJanuary 1986, Wapping, where Rupert Murdoch maneuvers a strike via his well paid Lawyers so that he is able to SACK his 6,000 employees without pay and without redress. He’s made a study of the laws. The Police were plainly on his side, not forgetting the government of the day bending over backwards to ensure nothing would stand in the way of the media baron’s ambitions. And we like idiots, cry out! yes! let this man influence our votes for the next Prime Minister of the UK. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

So what does a Majority Vote actually amount to?
The Conservatives won only 24.3 per cent of all registered voters in the UK to gain their majority. Around 15.7 million of all those registered to vote didn’t vote. 30.7 million did vote. And 11.3 million gave their votes to the Tories. The sums say that the Tories only got in with 23% of the UK public voting for them, no wonder they don’t want proportional representation, with that majority vote they can now start to smash up the country, and you can bet that the ‘super rich’ will become even ‘super richer’ it goes without saying the poor and the less fortunate, will become very poor and the middle classes will carry on struggling to keep an even keel. The illusion is that the Conservatives look after multi millionaires and that some of the upper middle classes and small business owners think they are Conservatives voters, this is a big mistake in their thinking, they think they are ‘well off’ that is the illusion, their feeling of being well of is relative to the poor and not the 1% ‘super rich’. The Conservatives talk about fair competition that is not true, the Conservatives are ruled by the really really big businesses who donation massive amounts to the Conservative party and in return and like the giants that they are they have a massive appetite that needs feeding, any Government becomes their new ‘keeper’ looking in this case the Conservatives.  Those in Giant businesses have massive appetites and drive down competition so that those big business, international conglomerates,  no longer have competition. Try opening a Bank, try to manufacture herbal drugs, try manufacture bread or any food for that matter, sell your chickens to a supermarket, the big boys have it stitched up they get rid of competition by regulating, the regulations stop competition, the Tory party are the new communists, they have restricted all competition by regulating, everything you eat is regular, everything you wear is regulated by some fashion house, the small man is driven out of business. Count how many bakeries where in the UK in 1960 count how many slaughter houses were in the UK during the 70’s, how many local towns had their own newspapers, regulations drive down competition, and those that ask for the business to be regulated are the big businesses, Who regulates food standards? not the Government the Foods Standards Agency is expected to regulate itself. Who regulated the new drugs that come on the market? The Drugs, should be regulated by ‘Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’, if they are regulated by the Government how come we had a situation whereby the MHRA had been criticised by the House of Commons Health Committee for, among other things, lacking transparency, and for inadequately checking drug licensing data. The MHRA (and US Food and Drug Administration) have been criticised in the book by Dr David,  ‘Bad Pharma’

The House of Commons Health Committee,  reprimanded the MHRA for having undergone regulatory capture; advancing the interests of the drug companies rather than the interests of the public. Surprise, surprise, so too the Alcohol industry regulates itself, unbelievable. Big business is running the country NOT the Government.

All these things a SELF regulated, where’s the insentive to be keep the public safe?


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