The Queens Speech May 27th 2015

So I rang a very good friend of mine this afternoon after the Queens Speech on BBC TV, we had a little chat.
“Hello this is john is Brian there?”
“Sorry he’s looking up into the sky, day dreaming, head in the stars as usual, just wait I’ll get him…”
“Hello Brian, it’s me John, what did you think of the Queens speech?”
“Well it’s a joke isn’t it, it’s like Jami Oliver’s colander full of bloody holes.”
“What do you mean Brain?” I said, trying to sound sympathetic.
“Hang on, got my foot tangled up in a guitar lead, give me a second.” he paused then continued.
“Well, Cameron’s 1st statement, the idea that working people are backed in this country, he’s bloody joking isn’t he, the very rich and super rich don’t pay taxes so the working man is paying for the national debt, the Tories have increased the National Debt three fold since they got in, he’s gonna take the wages off the immigrants they’re working people, aren’t they? So… the poor ‘working man’ pay for everything, the National Debt via austerity measures whilst all his mates have their businesses off-shore and pay no bloody Tax at all!”
“Yeah I guess so”, I said, wondering what the hell he was going to say next…
“Making school Academies, now that’s a real joke, that’s privatizing schools by the back door, the Heads are given a massive amount of Tax Payers money to run the school as they see fit, the Heads who are running the school are now running a business, not a school, mate! I am telling you schools are a business. Blinking Heads paying themselves a massive salary leaving less money for more teachers and lower class sizes, bloody ridiculous! Bloody ridiculous, that’s what it is, ridiculous!”
“I take it you’re not that impressed then Brian?” I said, as seriously as I could, expecting to get an earful of abuse.
“Look! I’m not going on, BUT! how is reducing people’s benefit, hitting the poor again, under the pretence he’s going to get them into work, if there are no bloody jobs there are no jobs, or do they mean you can have a job but you’ll have to work for nowt? All wrapped up in it’s ‘dignified to work‘, not if you’re at bloody MackieDees  or Cost-us-Coffee or collecting trolleys in a supermarket car park, reminds me of Mrs Thatcher saying, ‘Care in the Community’ what a bloody joke that was, you know what that means don’t you?”
“No Brian, what does it mean?” I knew damn well what it meant but being British I thought I would let him get it off his chest.
“That meant the opposite, the bloody opposite, that meant throwing onto the street all the people with mental health issues and all that stuff, it meant NO CARE in the COMMUNITY, who do they get to write their speeches the bloody tooth fairy?…”
“Brian, sorry to interrupt you mate, I’ve, I’ve left a pan of spuds on the cooker, I can smell ‘em burning…speak later eh?”
“Ya OK….” he sounded down hearted that I had cut him short, but there were pages and pages of the Queens Speech and it was all like that, I guess what Brian was trying to tell me was, it was all about ‘gilding the lily’. It all sounded good ‘couched in nice terms’ but the truth of it is, as Brian saw it, it was all about smashing up state owned schools, NHS and hitting the poor, I couldn’t understand why Brian gives a damn he’s a wealthy man. Why he didn’t spend a bob or two getting a decent hair cut I’ll never know?


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