The LIBOR fraud and my speeding ticket

LIBOR FRAUDI was speeding down the M1 towards London, on my way to a garden party at Windsor, when I was stopped by a very nice policeman, he pulled me over onto the hard shoulder after following me in an unmarked car.
“Well Sir,” the officer said, “You know why I pulled you over.”
“Yes officer, I have to hold my hands up, fair cop governor.” The officer smiled wryly.
“Well Sir, I will have to give you a ticket,” I nodded in disappointment, but I would except the penalty and take it on the chin.
“Name?” The officer said
“Ford.” I replied, the officer wrote it down,
“Surname?” he asked,
“Mondeo.” I replied,
“So I guess you are going to give me the name of the Ford factory your Mondeo is made as your address?”
“Yes officer.” I said, in all seriousness,
“Now look here Sir! We can escalate this if you like, ‘obstruction, wasting police time etc etc’, do you want to go down that route or shall we just take the easy path and get this done here and now without taking you to the station.”
“Well officer…” I said in a firm tone, “If you fine me you will cause me a lot of grief, my insurance premium will go up, I’ll have points on my licence, Officer! I have to drive ‘cause I really need the car to get to work, and Ford can afford this fine much better than I can and Ford don’t have to take a hit on their job prospects.”
“Well Sir I can tell you now Ford will not be paying this fine, you will!, you’re driving the car!”
“Officer!” I raised my voice as much as I dared, “Officer, some months ago the so called ‘Syndicate’ of young bankers fiddled the Libor rate, they stole around 3billion pounds, so which laws apply to me and which laws apply to them individuals, using the same logic that applied to them, that is, Barclays PLC, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Royal Bank of Scotland, all these Banks took it on the chin to pay the fines, whilst, the individuals, who entered a guilty pleas, walked away scot free, the fines went to the banks? Why can’t my fine be dealt with by the same laws, using the same logic my fine should be paid by Ford?” I paused, “Are you saying the same laws don’t apply to the Banks and their employees as apply to me?” I shrugged my shoulders, “That’s it…’simples’.”

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