The American Dream -Nestle in California

nestleWhilst speaking with my mate from Nestle CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Tim Brown over Skype last night, I was feeling good, this is England not California and the sun was shining and…, I just said casually, ” Tim this is the American Dream, you can have it all. “I didn’t think he would take me so literally, he must be a weee bit autistic I guess, I can assure you he’s not a sociopath, he’s nothing like David Cameron. Then he declared that he was going to INCREASE his human rights, the American ‘have it all dream’, and he was going to take every last drop of water out of the water reserves in California.” Well in a weird way I could see his point, absolutely, that’s what being an American is, anyone can become the Chief Executive Officer in America, and being a very important person like a  CEO allows you to have that kind of freedom. “Come on mate, if anyone can understand this I know you can!” he said to me, “This is Natural Selection, I have the power, I’m going to exercise that power and to hell with the ‘hippies’ complaining, if they want water they can buy it, buy it from me, he laughed!” Well it wasn’t an ordinary laugh, it was the kind of laugh you have when you’re auditioning for a Hammer House of Horror film, I wondered if he had had a bit to drink, he was very self assured and acting very confident, mmmm I thought, does he have the Humpty Dumpty syndrome and was he just about to fall. Not wanting to disagree as I may be on track for a good job at Nestle when I retire, in an advisory role of couse, no one wants to work for a living, I couldn’t help but having to agree with him, “Go for it Tim, Coca Cola did it in India, they didn’t care if the farmers lost their crops and committed suicide whilst they bottled up their Coca-Cola, and lets face it Tim I would rather drink Coca-Cola than that Indian water eh? America, land of the free!!! Tim it’s your ‘right’ buddy.” I said, not wanting to jeopardize my future job prospects.

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