Jewish v Muslims

Israel the Jewish people v Palestine the Muslims people

I was just walking towards Marble Arch when I met my old mate Mustafa Cuffee at the Ol’ Sheesha Cafe, “Hi Mustafa, how’s things?” “Well meat, not so good in the old Middle East at the moment, to be ‘onest.” “Sorry to hear that.” I said, not being an expert on the Middle East and knowing that it is such a complex and sensation issue, I tried to tread carefully, but without thinking, my mouth just opened and I said, “What’s happening then?” Oh dear I was regreting having said that before Mustafa launched into his long dialogue, I had just dug a huge hole for myself and Mustafa started…, “Well you know that the Old Testimony is no more than the history of the plight of the Jewish people or as they were then ‘Tribes of Abraham’ of which the Muslims are decendants? ” “Well to be truthful I didn’t know that but now you mention it, it does ring true.” I could sense I was going to be held captive here, due to my thoughtless question, Mustafa continued, “Yeah…they, the Muslims tend to deny their Jewish ancestory and usually align themselves to the Christians, weirdly actually, because really I think they are closer to the Jewish religion than the Christians, the Christians are also Jewish too, Jesus was a Jew and he never formed the Christian religion, that was Paul, so called saint Paul but actually he’s just an organiser and an intellect, any wayz I diverge. The Jews and the Muslims both practice circumcision, they both seperate the women from the men in their place of worship, both wear those little hats, they share many of the same prophets, Abraham,  Moses, Adam, that’s Adam from the Adam and Eve story,” I nodded, turned my wrist to glance at my watch, I had no where to go and nothing to do but I sensed I would be there for some time since he had started with a biblical reference point. “Anyways,” Mustafa continued, “Who would have thought that a race so persecuted as the Jews would then become persecutors themselves? You wouldn’t think it possible would you?” “No I guess not.” I replied looking at my watch again. Mustafa ignored my plot to escape and resumed his lecture, “Well you know why there will never be peace in the Middle East?” he said. Trying to make light of it I said, “Would it be because Tony Blair is the peace envoy?” He sniggered, “No it’s because both religions are elitist, they both consider themselves superior to others in intellect, talent and a sense of being the chosen ones, and that my boy is why there will never be peace, yes of course there are politics involved but they stem from the same thing, an inability to forgive and see another’s point of view, that will never happen if your elitist will it?” “No I guess not. I guess if you’re elitist everyones wrong apart from you?” “Anywayz Mustafa!” I said with a sense of urgency in my voice, I looked at my watch and looking Mustafa directly in the eye, I lied, “Look I have to shoot I’ve left a cake in the oven.” He knew I was lying but it didn’t phase him, no sooner had a got up from the hard steel chair with thin cushion, he was talking to his mate Al Fresco, “Hey, Al..” There was something about Mustafa that was elitist too I thought, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was out of there!

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