ISIS / ISLE, why it will never be successful

TerroristI was a having a curry on the famous Manchester Curry Mile, when my mate Aabid came over to the table, “Everything alright? Enjoying the meal?” “Yes.” we both said, with a smile on our face carried over by our voices. “John,” he said, “You are the reason that Isis, ISL etc will never be successful. “Me, what have I got to do with this? keep me out of this why don’t you? But..kind of you to say that, but I think you have the wrong guy here, who am I? Why say that?” “Well John, I read your blog you seem a happy smiley up tempo guy and you understand the peoples, ‘to some extent’.” he added, in a reluctant tone. “Again thank you,” I said wondering if a ‘back hander’ was coming my way, compliment followed by a slap to the cheek, good cop bad cop all in one guy. “No! No! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fought about this for a while now, and this is what I fought.” “Go on,” I said, smiling at him in anticipation expecting some sarcastic or convoluted insane persons explanation. “Well it simples, look ISIS/ ISL who ever, they blame you Westerners for all the ills of the world, the way your women dress, the way all the married women have affairs, allegedly,” he added quickly, “All that stuff portrayed on the TV, basically all western women are portrayed as whores init?” Aabid continued, “All that stuff, women going out half naked drinking, smoking, and the men womanising but know what…?” “Know what, No what? I said, trying to get half a fork full of Chicken Biryahani into my mouth, actually I wished he’d stop asking me question, he could talk while I ate. My mate Simon was with me and I wonder what he was making of this, singing sarcastically under his breath ‘Wild boys’. “Bonny, give it a rest” I asked, he looked up and smiled. Aabid continues, “Well if they, the Muslim men and women, where not tempted by these deeds themselves there would be no trouble, but John I tell you they are tempted! Let me give you an example, ask yourself, how many Muslim men are abusing white girls, young white girls, yes that’s right Mr. Johns loads is the answer.” I had said nothing and Aabid had answered the question for me. Aabid continued, “Why do they feel they can do that? Yes, Mr Johns, that’s right, because they have been conditioned to think like that by their parents and their parents parents, white girls white people are trashy they deserve to be abused. Why don’t they treat Muslim women like that? That’s the wrong question Mr. Johns, see where I’m going with this?” “No! I really don’t! This seems to be a conversation of one.” “Well that’s it Mr. John the Muslim men they want to see whores, they want to drink, they want to go to prozzies, or they want to make whores out of vulnerable girls, are they finding whores and converting them to Islam? No!!! No, they’re not! Why aren’t they evangelist like the Christians trying to save people, because Mr. John they don’t want to save you, or anyone else for that matter!” “Whoa Aabid this is getting out of hand, don’t know if what you’re saying is right! This is not a two way conversation.” “ ‘Cause it’s right Mr. John!” Look mate, Mr. Johns, let me give you a history lesson…” “Aabid, don’t know if I have the time for this.” I said, “Look Mr. Johns, the curry is on me, just give me five minutes?” the thought of a free curry sounded appealing, it was a struggle trying to eat in any case and the price was a history lesson, it didn’t seem like the odds were so good either way. Aabid continued, “Mr Johns the reason why Muslims had, have more than one wife is this, during the wars in 1300BC-ish Mohamed said that there should be no widowed women selling their bodies to get by in life, so it was compulsory that the men should take on the wives and daughters of those men who had been killed in battle. THAT’S IT! Nothing complicated. So on that basis, instead of treating women as whores they should be marrying them and taking good care of them but they don’t and the reason they don’t is because they want to carry on in their dirty life styles. They are no different to any other men, men are men and that’s it, same with the women, you wouldn’t believe how much time a Muslim woman will spend doing her eyes and face, the ‘visible bits’ it’s a joke! Takes me hour to get the Mrs out of the house, men and women are the same the world over, yah think Muslim men, Muslim women are different, no they are not, the men are macho and the women are vain like any other woman in the universe, have a nice curry Mr. Johns, and Simon! You would be as miserable as me if you weren’t allowed to listen to music, mmmm second thoughts, if you can call what you do music?” “Thanks Aabid.” I said, he left me a bit stunned and a bit short for words. I ate my free curry, didn’t taste any better for being free.

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