I went to the Drs about ISDS

TTIP-imageI went to my Drs. about ISDS, I said to my local Dr. it was bad enough having this TTIP problem, he said, “What!” I said “Didn’t you read my blog?” , “No!”, “an unequivocal No!” he shook his head at me in disbelief. So I said, “well now there’s my ISDS and my real concern is that my stress levels are through the roof”
So I went on to tell him Investor-State Dispute Settlement is part of the TTIP, in that it gives big business massive rights over the Government and the people of that country.  It will allow the Americas Big Business, who seems to be the main party of interest in the TTIP and especially the ISDS section, which will allow a company to pursue damages from a government for policies that they say harm the profits of that business. So Dr. I am guessing but…if we have drugs out there from a drug company and it’s showing a major harm to the public, “Yes! yes!” the Dr. said, “I know!  I know where this is all leading, the 4th most common cause of death is badly prescribed drugs, 20% of hospital admissions are due to wrong prescriptions, I know all this!” he said, in a slightly peeved voice, “So Dr. would that information have to be hidden from the public so that big companies wouldn’t have to declare to the public if a drug was harmful as it would cut down on profits?” I inquired?” “maybe” the Dr replied, “but I am guessing it will effect labelling, health and safety more, items like, packaging, foods which are genetically modified, things like that, irradiated food, health warnings on food all that stuff, would probably disappear from the food information section on the label, that is, if that labelling or information is seen to affect profits, maybe they’ll bring back cigarettes? Maybe an increase in poisonous fertilizers who knows? profit is more important than bees.” He jested. The nurse interjected, “I overheard your conversation, sorry, hope you don’t mind? my view is that it will allow companies to sue governments if the actions of that Government impact on company profits. This puts our very democracy in jeopardy.”
“Thank you nurse, now that does make sense!” I said, the Dr. glanced a sideways glance at the nurse, a glance that spoke volumes, a glance that said,”I was just about to say that.” The nurse didn’t take any notice of the Dr. and walked away grinning from ear to ear, she turned and said, “- it’s probably the biggest threat to our democracy, social services, environment, food safety, digital privacy and banking standards this decade!” again I thanked her, again the Dr. gave her the sideways glance.

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