Human Rights Act

Human Rights

May 2015
You always have to be suspicious about a Government who want to change the Human Rights Act, in it’s own country, wouldn’t this be Like Jeremy Clarkson asking for the abolition of the 70 mph speed limit on our roads, you have to ask yourself why? Why would the Government want to take away, or mess with, your human rights, to do what? My initial guess is that the Conservative Government want to take away employment laws to make way for the Americans to bring in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Why is this important?
So the big talk is about being British, if you’re not being British we are gonna get you, that seems to be the battle cry, or that’s the way I see it. Well looking at the list I can see many many human rights that would be easy targets, things that they could easily breach if they don’t see you as being British. 1st of all we need to define British, British Gas, British Rail, British Steel, British this and British that, no longer exists, it’s all been sold off by the Conservatives Government under Mr Margaret Thatcher and the New Conservatives under Tony Blair.
British Gas owned by companies such as e.on a French Company.
British Rail, out of 27 private rail contracts in Britain, the equivalent of 74% are now owned by foreign states, the vast majority from France, Germany and the Netherlands.
British Royal Family, Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, what makes someone British were are a race of mongrels, who hasn’t invaded England, the Romans invaded, now integrated, French, William of Orange the list goes on…

So my view is that the Human Rights are going to be breached not because of any un-British behavior, by the scapegoats, immigrants or so called Muslim extremists, but to allow for  the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

So the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership enjoys being discussed in great secracy, not even mentioned in the recent elections. TTIP represents trade negotiations being carried out mostly between the EU and US. TTIP is about reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, so we can expect to be eating more Genetically Modified Food, from America,things like food safety laws which I guess will be dropped. So I guess our human rights bill, will have deminishing rights the right to read on the food label what you are eating, the right to avoid GM (genetically modified) products, or products that have been spayed with the cancer giving ‘Round Up’ a pesticide manufactured by, yes you guessed Monsanto, the Devil incarnate. By the way…recently the state of Illonois, America fought with the Pure Evil Monsanto greedy giant over legislation which would stop the public knowing from ‘food labeling’ what they were eating.

Banking regulations, which are grim enough at the best of times and have already lead to one ‘Bank Bail Out’, if regulations are seen as anti profit then they would be dumped in the name of ‘trade”

The TTIP negotiations started February 2014, who is aware of them? No one! why? Because the process has been secretive and undemocratic. Thank God for people like Edward Snowdem and others who are socially minded enough to leak documents, very un-British, off with their heads! Freedom of Information, what happened to that?
Public services, such as the  NHS will be opened up to the highest bidder for ‘Trade’ purposes of course. Chances are it will be sold off like the water and gas to Europe’s money makers, or the American drug companies. Exactly what the Conservatives want, to ditch their responsibility for the HNS, same too with education I guess, ‘School Academies’ will be sold off or leased to big businesses, the British Taxpayer we will be renting those schools properties, as they do now with the privatised Hospital Buildings creating a big payout from the Taxpayers into the pockets of private enterprise, not just a little bit more expensive but vastly overpriced. We the TAXpayers are literally feeding the greed of  big businesses, I hear you shout so, what is new? and I have to say, mmmm nothing. Good ol’ Trade Minister Lord Livingston, doing his bit for secret negotiations of the infiltration of big business into the NHS.
Then there’s the JOBS, TTIP will probably cause unemployment as jobs switch to the US, where labour standards and trade union rights are lower. OR we can take away some more Human Rights from the British workers so that the 1% Super Rich can have cheap labour. To make profit someone must be exploited, there is no other way?

Her are the list of your Human Right as they stand today, we better count them before they get trampled underfoot.

How can anyone oppose any of the following:
Right to life
Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment
Right to liberty and security
Freedom from slavery and forced labour
Right to a fair trial
No punishment without law
Respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence
Freedom of thought, belief and religion
Freedom of expression
Freedom of assembly and association
Right to marry and start a family
Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms
Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
Right to education
Right to participate in free elections

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