George Osborn so called Chancellor sells off shares for Royal Bank of Scotland, takes a massive loss needs extra maths lessons

Osborn billons RBSI was talking to a mate of mine in Monte Carlo last night over the mobile network, “Hi Stefano hows business?” I knew he was doing well as he doesn’t pay tax in the UK, but he is a ‘Mr. Fix it’ in English politics, giving millions to the Conservative Party. “Oh I’m doing fine, I was just messing with my chemistry set, when you called, it pays off to mess with chemicals you know…now have a billions, he laughed, worth a modest £7.5bn, I guess, living in the sun in Monte Carlo, much better than Italy, couldn’t be better.” I said, “I’m ringing to talk about George,” “What about the idiot?” Stef asked, “I’m a bit surprised at George Osborn making such a gaff on the share prices, losing nearly £1.50 on each Royal Bank of Scotland share, that would have been a real No! No! in our office loosing that kind of money,” I added, “The definition of George Osborn’s job is as ‘the chief finance minister of the United Kingdom, he prepares the nation’s annual budgets.’ so wouldn’t we expect him to sell the Royal Bank of Scotland shares to the highest bidders, surely he should know that, he’s a really fully qualified ‘Bread Head’. So the RBS shares at their highest have been is worth around £4.00 per share, George saw fit to sell the shares off at £3.55 pence which created a loss to the Tax Payer of billions,” Stefano interrupted me, “Look here John, I have plowed millions into the English Tory Party, and I’m Italian,  I do expect to see ‘pay-back’, what would 1bn buy? New Hospital Premiss, it would have saved 1bn cuts to tax credits etc. the list goes on but we need money to get give to the Tory Party, just mutual back scratching. So we made a good profit, no medals for guessing that, yes, we had to be quick, Hedge fund Managers snapped up 60% of first portion of shares…” “Why would George do that? I interrupted Stefano, “Because Stef, according to figures that the Guardian News Paper published some time last year 27 of the 59 wealthiest hedge fund managers in the Sunday Times Rich List have personally donated more than £19m to the Tories, again according to the Guardian research, Michael, well to be correct, Sir Michael Hintze, the head of the CQS fund, donated £3.2m to the Tories, and Lord Fink, the head of a Mayfair based Hedge Fund ISAM  gave £3.1m to the Tories, we don’t want to be to obvious in our back handers do we?” I could almost feel Sefs hands flailing around Italian style,” Look! money is money, we all gotta have money, who cares if the Tax Payers have funded the rich, happens all the time!…”
“Stef.” I said, “the line is breaking up, speak later…OK bye or should I say buy?”
It’s one thing making money the honest way, but we haven’t done that in the banking business for ages, it was one of those days when I was just tired, tired of ripping the public off, so I was a bit tired of Stef. too.



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