George Osborn so called Chancellor sells off shares for Royal Bank of Scotland, takes a massive loss needs extra maths lessons

Osborn billons RBSI was talking to a mate of mine in Monte Carlo last night over the mobile network, “Hi Stefano hows business?” I knew he was doing well as he doesn’t pay tax in the UK, but he is a ‘Mr. Fix it’ in English politics, giving millions to the Conservative Party. “Oh I’m doing fine, I was just messing with my chemistry set, when you called, it pays off to mess with chemicals you know…now have a billions, he laughed, worth a modest £7.5bn, I guess, living in the sun in Monte Carlo, much better than Italy, couldn’t be better.” I said, “I’m ringing to talk about George,” “What about the idiot?” Stef asked, “I’m a bit surprised at George Osborn making such a gaff on the share prices, losing nearly £1.50 on each Royal Bank of Scotland share, that would have been a real No! No! in our office loosing that kind of money,” I added, “The definition of George Osborn’s job is as ‘the chief finance minister of the United Kingdom, he prepares the nation’s annual budgets.’ so wouldn’t we expect him to sell the Royal Bank of Scotland shares to the highest bidders, surely he should know that, he’s a really fully qualified ‘Bread Head’. So the RBS shares at their highest have been is worth around £4.00 per share, George saw fit to sell the shares off at £3.55 pence which created a loss to the Tax Payer of billions,” Stefano interrupted me, “Look here John, I have plowed millions into the English Tory Party, and I’m Italian,  I do expect to see ‘pay-back’, what would 1bn buy? New Hospital Premiss, it would have saved 1bn cuts to tax credits etc. the list goes on but we need money to get give to the Tory Party, just mutual back scratching. So we made a good profit, no medals for guessing that, yes, we had to be quick, Hedge fund Managers snapped up 60% of first portion of shares…” “Why would George do that? I interrupted Stefano, “Because Stef, according to figures that the Guardian News Paper published some time last year 27 of the 59 wealthiest hedge fund managers in the Sunday Times Rich List have personally donated more than £19m to the Tories, again according to the Guardian research, Michael, well to be correct, Sir Michael Hintze, the head of the CQS fund, donated £3.2m to the Tories, and Lord Fink, the head of a Mayfair based Hedge Fund ISAM  gave £3.1m to the Tories, we don’t want to be to obvious in our back handers do we?” I could almost feel Sefs hands flailing around Italian style,” Look! money is money, we all gotta have money, who cares if the Tax Payers have funded the rich, happens all the time!…”
“Stef.” I said, “the line is breaking up, speak later…OK bye or should I say buy?”
It’s one thing making money the honest way, but we haven’t done that in the banking business for ages, it was one of those days when I was just tired, tired of ripping the public off, so I was a bit tired of Stef. too.



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ISIS / ISLE, why it will never be successful

TerroristI was a having a curry on the famous Manchester Curry Mile, when my mate Aabid came over to the table, “Everything alright? Enjoying the meal?” “Yes.” we both said, with a smile on our face carried over by our voices. “John,” he said, “You are the reason that Isis, ISL etc will never be successful. “Me, what have I got to do with this? keep me out of this why don’t you? But..kind of you to say that, but I think you have the wrong guy here, who am I? Why say that?” “Well John, I read your blog you seem a happy smiley up tempo guy and you understand the peoples, ‘to some extent’.” he added, in a reluctant tone. “Again thank you,” I said wondering if a ‘back hander’ was coming my way, compliment followed by a slap to the cheek, good cop bad cop all in one guy. “No! No! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fought about this for a while now, and this is what I fought.” “Go on,” I said, smiling at him in anticipation expecting some sarcastic or convoluted insane persons explanation. “Well it simples, look ISIS/ ISL who ever, they blame you Westerners for all the ills of the world, the way your women dress, the way all the married women have affairs, allegedly,” he added quickly, “All that stuff portrayed on the TV, basically all western women are portrayed as whores init?” Aabid continued, “All that stuff, women going out half naked drinking, smoking, and the men womanising but know what…?” “Know what, No what? I said, trying to get half a fork full of Chicken Biryahani into my mouth, actually I wished he’d stop asking me question, he could talk while I ate. My mate Simon was with me and I wonder what he was making of this, singing sarcastically under his breath ‘Wild boys’. “Bonny, give it a rest” I asked, he looked up and smiled. Aabid continues, “Well if they, the Muslim men and women, where not tempted by these deeds themselves there would be no trouble, but John I tell you they are tempted! Let me give you an example, ask yourself, how many Muslim men are abusing white girls, young white girls, yes that’s right Mr. Johns loads is the answer.” I had said nothing and Aabid had answered the question for me. Aabid continued, “Why do they feel they can do that? Yes, Mr Johns, that’s right, because they have been conditioned to think like that by their parents and their parents parents, white girls white people are trashy they deserve to be abused. Why don’t they treat Muslim women like that? That’s the wrong question Mr. Johns, see where I’m going with this?” “No! I really don’t! This seems to be a conversation of one.” “Well that’s it Mr. John the Muslim men they want to see whores, they want to drink, they want to go to prozzies, or they want to make whores out of vulnerable girls, are they finding whores and converting them to Islam? No!!! No, they’re not! Why aren’t they evangelist like the Christians trying to save people, because Mr. John they don’t want to save you, or anyone else for that matter!” “Whoa Aabid this is getting out of hand, don’t know if what you’re saying is right! This is not a two way conversation.” “ ‘Cause it’s right Mr. John!” Look mate, Mr. Johns, let me give you a history lesson…” “Aabid, don’t know if I have the time for this.” I said, “Look Mr. Johns, the curry is on me, just give me five minutes?” the thought of a free curry sounded appealing, it was a struggle trying to eat in any case and the price was a history lesson, it didn’t seem like the odds were so good either way. Aabid continued, “Mr Johns the reason why Muslims had, have more than one wife is this, during the wars in 1300BC-ish Mohamed said that there should be no widowed women selling their bodies to get by in life, so it was compulsory that the men should take on the wives and daughters of those men who had been killed in battle. THAT’S IT! Nothing complicated. So on that basis, instead of treating women as whores they should be marrying them and taking good care of them but they don’t and the reason they don’t is because they want to carry on in their dirty life styles. They are no different to any other men, men are men and that’s it, same with the women, you wouldn’t believe how much time a Muslim woman will spend doing her eyes and face, the ‘visible bits’ it’s a joke! Takes me hour to get the Mrs out of the house, men and women are the same the world over, yah think Muslim men, Muslim women are different, no they are not, the men are macho and the women are vain like any other woman in the universe, have a nice curry Mr. Johns, and Simon! You would be as miserable as me if you weren’t allowed to listen to music, mmmm second thoughts, if you can call what you do music?” “Thanks Aabid.” I said, he left me a bit stunned and a bit short for words. I ate my free curry, didn’t taste any better for being free.

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The LIBOR fraud and my speeding ticket

LIBOR FRAUDI was speeding down the M1 towards London, on my way to a garden party at Windsor, when I was stopped by a very nice policeman, he pulled me over onto the hard shoulder after following me in an unmarked car.
“Well Sir,” the officer said, “You know why I pulled you over.”
“Yes officer, I have to hold my hands up, fair cop governor.” The officer smiled wryly.
“Well Sir, I will have to give you a ticket,” I nodded in disappointment, but I would except the penalty and take it on the chin.
“Name?” The officer said
“Ford.” I replied, the officer wrote it down,
“Surname?” he asked,
“Mondeo.” I replied,
“So I guess you are going to give me the name of the Ford factory your Mondeo is made as your address?”
“Yes officer.” I said, in all seriousness,
“Now look here Sir! We can escalate this if you like, ‘obstruction, wasting police time etc etc’, do you want to go down that route or shall we just take the easy path and get this done here and now without taking you to the station.”
“Well officer…” I said in a firm tone, “If you fine me you will cause me a lot of grief, my insurance premium will go up, I’ll have points on my licence, Officer! I have to drive ‘cause I really need the car to get to work, and Ford can afford this fine much better than I can and Ford don’t have to take a hit on their job prospects.”
“Well Sir I can tell you now Ford will not be paying this fine, you will!, you’re driving the car!”
“Officer!” I raised my voice as much as I dared, “Officer, some months ago the so called ‘Syndicate’ of young bankers fiddled the Libor rate, they stole around 3billion pounds, so which laws apply to me and which laws apply to them individuals, using the same logic that applied to them, that is, Barclays PLC, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Royal Bank of Scotland, all these Banks took it on the chin to pay the fines, whilst, the individuals, who entered a guilty pleas, walked away scot free, the fines went to the banks? Why can’t my fine be dealt with by the same laws, using the same logic my fine should be paid by Ford?” I paused, “Are you saying the same laws don’t apply to the Banks and their employees as apply to me?” I shrugged my shoulders, “That’s it…’simples’.”

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Privatization and Financialization Incentives or ‘PPI’ for short

JM-in-the-ParkI was just catching the sunshine in College Square Gardens near the Houses of Parliament, lying on the grass looking at the clouds trying to see faces or animals, when I caught sight of an old acquaintance Johnny ‘M’ as we called him then, I shouted across the park, ” Johnny M!”,
It was one of those embarrassing moments when everyone turns to look at you and shake their heads is disbelief, how English I thought. Fortunately for me he turned around to acknowledge my shouts, I beckoned him over like a traffic cop, gesturing with my hands, he returned the smile and walked towards me.
“Hi John” I greeted him, we shook hands.
“Your looking good” I said, he smiled, “You must have caught the sun…” quite frankly he had looked quite grey on our previous meetings.
“Here John,” I patted the park bench seat, he sat down beside me, we exchanged pleasantries for a moment, indulging him in his love for cricket, especially Surrey County Cricket Club, dogs were his other passion, that is if you can call a lap dog a real dog, anyway, he loved his dog, Edwina, a strange name for a dog I always thought. I didn’t have all day to exchange pleasantries so I blurted.
“Know what John?” I interjected,
“Know what John?” he replied, we both smiled.
“Well John, when you introduced ‘Privatization and Financialization Incentives’ ‘PPI credit’ for short, didn’t you foresee that it would actually cost the tax payer more?”
“Well John, to be honest I didn’t foresee this, we all make mistakes, and it is Conservative policy to privatise ever thing, we don’t want the blame or responsibility for running the country. My first thoughts were that having private capital in the system would help out in the NHS and other Government aided projects, I definitely didn’t foresee The Banks taking massive profits and writing contracts like WONGA with massive interest rates, I just thought it would be a good boost to Government ‘coffers’ but unfortunately we have companies like Barclay’s Bank, “killing off”  public services, by charging vast interest rates causing unsustainable debt, dodging tax and funnelling profits offshore, how could I have known that eh?”
“But John! Isn’t that what Conservative governments do? Privatise everything no matter what the cost to the British tax payer?”
“Well yes…Nothing much has changed from the 1800s, of course we like to encourage trade but I had no idea that, PFI deals would become what you refer to as ‘toxic deals’ for Britain’s public purse.” I said, “don’t you think the private sector are having a laugh, all be it, at our expense?” He interrupted, “Well John, as it has turned out, basically Private Finance Incentives, are operated by the private sector for the private sector overpriced systems have burdened British tax payers with debts of up to £222 billion, but what can I do?” He sighed, looking into the blue wispy clouds, as I had done earlier, he looked as if he had seen a vision, then he said, “Well big business is getting away with murder and in retrospect I wish I had never introduced such a system as it’s become ‘institutionalized theft’ mmmm”
With that he bid me goodbye, he looked like a man defeated, the colour drained from him, as if the whole PPI thing had backfired on the British Public.

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Jewish v Muslims

Israel the Jewish people v Palestine the Muslims people

I was just walking towards Marble Arch when I met my old mate Mustafa Cuffee at the Ol’ Sheesha Cafe, “Hi Mustafa, how’s things?” “Well meat, not so good in the old Middle East at the moment, to be ‘onest.” “Sorry to hear that.” I said, not being an expert on the Middle East and knowing that it is such a complex and sensation issue, I tried to tread carefully, but without thinking, my mouth just opened and I said, “What’s happening then?” Oh dear I was regreting having said that before Mustafa launched into his long dialogue, I had just dug a huge hole for myself and Mustafa started…, “Well you know that the Old Testimony is no more than the history of the plight of the Jewish people or as they were then ‘Tribes of Abraham’ of which the Muslims are decendants? ” “Well to be truthful I didn’t know that but now you mention it, it does ring true.” I could sense I was going to be held captive here, due to my thoughtless question, Mustafa continued, “Yeah…they, the Muslims tend to deny their Jewish ancestory and usually align themselves to the Christians, weirdly actually, because really I think they are closer to the Jewish religion than the Christians, the Christians are also Jewish too, Jesus was a Jew and he never formed the Christian religion, that was Paul, so called saint Paul but actually he’s just an organiser and an intellect, any wayz I diverge. The Jews and the Muslims both practice circumcision, they both seperate the women from the men in their place of worship, both wear those little hats, they share many of the same prophets, Abraham,  Moses, Adam, that’s Adam from the Adam and Eve story,” I nodded, turned my wrist to glance at my watch, I had no where to go and nothing to do but I sensed I would be there for some time since he had started with a biblical reference point. “Anyways,” Mustafa continued, “Who would have thought that a race so persecuted as the Jews would then become persecutors themselves? You wouldn’t think it possible would you?” “No I guess not.” I replied looking at my watch again. Mustafa ignored my plot to escape and resumed his lecture, “Well you know why there will never be peace in the Middle East?” he said. Trying to make light of it I said, “Would it be because Tony Blair is the peace envoy?” He sniggered, “No it’s because both religions are elitist, they both consider themselves superior to others in intellect, talent and a sense of being the chosen ones, and that my boy is why there will never be peace, yes of course there are politics involved but they stem from the same thing, an inability to forgive and see another’s point of view, that will never happen if your elitist will it?” “No I guess not. I guess if you’re elitist everyones wrong apart from you?” “Anywayz Mustafa!” I said with a sense of urgency in my voice, I looked at my watch and looking Mustafa directly in the eye, I lied, “Look I have to shoot I’ve left a cake in the oven.” He knew I was lying but it didn’t phase him, no sooner had a got up from the hard steel chair with thin cushion, he was talking to his mate Al Fresco, “Hey, Al..” There was something about Mustafa that was elitist too I thought, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was out of there!

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Costa Concordia capsizes, Captian held for man slaughter, 700 migrants die at Sea, mansaughter?

pirate-blogToday was a strange day, I don’t know if it was the moons of Pluto that were in a funny orbit or what, but my old sea faring mate Capt. Buddys Iye rang me from Italy unexpectedly, out of the blue as it were.
“John mi arty I canna get mi heed around this?”
“What’s up Capin?” I asked.
For the ease of reading I have translated from his pirate style talk into the nearest form of English that I am able.
“Well! In January 13, 2012, a ship called the Concordia capsized on Schettinocas off the coast of Italy. Do you remember it lad?” Yes, thinking back, I think I do, they lost a lot of passengers many of whom were children, is that right?” I asked.
“Yes lad, that is right, but do you know what?” “What?”, I asked.
“Well, I don’t like to make this public knowledge but Capt’in Francesco was an acquaintance of mine, we traveled the seven seas on many a voyage, and let me tell you, he is well upset….” “Upset about what?”, I ventured to ask,
“Well…he attempted what we call a ‘sail past’ near the coast, so that the passengers could wave to the poor people on the beach, and the rest is history, the Concordia hit the rocks, 4,000 people on board, it crashed, killing 32 etc etc.” “Yes we all know that, what a major tragedy, terrible! So what’s your point?”
“Well laddie, my point is this…he’s being done for man slaughter, he’s in bits about that an’ all, got terrible remorse, understandable, cause he jumped ship, well… as I see it he was acting like a true ‘Conservative’, putting himself first, nowt wrong with that lad, that is, look after number one! number one is always first and foremost, agreed?” “Well, he’s responsible for those people, therefore he should get manslaughter, JUMPING ship, what a coward?” I said, indignantly.
“But John mi arty…700 immigrants died in Mediterranean shipwreck only 28 surviving, that’s just one incident alone, and we are still counting the death toll in the Med., more and more migrants will die at this rate, why don’t they charge your Government with manslaughter for allowing that to happen? They made sure, under the cloak of policy change, that larger rescue boats would be withdrawn from that area, sending the petrol’s out in smaller ships that didn’t have any rescue capabilities, indirectly they were saying sorry mi artys we are going to leave you to starve, dehydrate or drowned to death, come on that’s it aint it!? admit it! That has to be manslaughter by neglect eh?”
“Capt’in you have really pushed me into a corner on this one I don’t know what to say?” I said.
“And what’s more, why haven’t they charged that hateful woman who wrote on twatter K.T. Hopscotch or whatever she’s called, describing migrants as ‘cockroaches’ and ‘feral humans’, why wasn’t she charged by your Government for ‘in-sighting hatred’ Lord knows  it was hateful propaganda, she has a column in the Tory press, what’s goin’ on there mate? for some weird reason they see fit to employ such a demon, is that what it is to be what Theresa May bangs on about ‘to be British’, you lot you are just a race of mongrels…you used to have a sense of ‘fair play’, what happened to that? I’d say you have a sense of ‘foul play!’
“That’s rich coming from a pirate like you.” I said gingerly, afraid that he might come ashore and do me some damage. I continued…”Capt’in!” I said, “I have to cut you short here, I have left some boiled eggs on the cooker, I can smell ‘em burning, gotta get off… sorrrrry..”
“Go on ya landlubber, get off then! You useless articl’ !”

With those words I was off. I stewed for hours over what he had said, basically I wondered if I had understood him properly, I could only half understand his accent, it was almost incomprehensible, and the point he was trying to put across had me completely baffled.


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God bless American Corperations-Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Uruguay-v-MalboroTransatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
This looked like the most unlikely match you would ever see. The lights were dimmed, the atmosphere tense, the dark lit by the twinkle of cigar and cigarette lighters.
The contenders sat in their respective corners. The crowd small, the press hadn’t covered this fight with its normal enthusiasm, thou this would be an epic battle, a contest of David v’s
Goliath , a fight clouded in secrecy, ironically the outcome would be massive; winner takes all!
Looking down on the ring I could see the small guy in blue and white from Uruguay of a sunny disposition, the American, a giant of a man, sporting red and white stripes strewn with stars, brimming with confidence, he stood in his corner smoking, the money was on him, backed by
large American corporations to fight with the light weight Uruguayan.
The referee hales, “In the ‘blue corner’ Uruguay, population of just three million.” he continues,”In the red corner, the heavy weight champion of the world, Marlboro, representing the American cigarette corporation.”
In the 1st round Uruguay comes out fighting with Marlboro; the guys with the  cigarettes cheer. Marlboro punches hard, time and time again, his punches hitting home, set on killing and maiming the Uruguayan contender, who is taking a beating to the chest, Marlboro throwing heavy weight punches in an attempt wind the Uruguayan.
The wife of the Uruguayan contender weeps into her handkerchief, no one hears her sobs as she speaks under her breath, “Free trade, is it such a marvelous thing? This is the Big Business at it’s worst. Europe has the TTIP agreement, we, she continues to cry, have the ‘North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA” Look at that guy Marlboro pounding my Uruguayan, he wants the health warnings off the cigarette packaging and all we want to know are the health risks, is that so bad? What a contract…she sniffles, free trade, anything preventing American big business from taking the winnings will be fought out in a legal battle, Governments will be sued, the peoples money gone. This has to be anti the American Constitution, she weeps, the American Public, the English public need to wake up, stop looking at the enemy without and look at the enemy within.

American Constitution Fourteenth Amendment

Section. 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

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The Queens Speech May 27th 2015

So I rang a very good friend of mine this afternoon after the Queens Speech on BBC TV, we had a little chat.
“Hello this is john is Brian there?”
“Sorry he’s looking up into the sky, day dreaming, head in the stars as usual, just wait I’ll get him…”
“Hello Brian, it’s me John, what did you think of the Queens speech?”
“Well it’s a joke isn’t it, it’s like Jami Oliver’s colander full of bloody holes.”
“What do you mean Brain?” I said, trying to sound sympathetic.
“Hang on, got my foot tangled up in a guitar lead, give me a second.” he paused then continued.
“Well, Cameron’s 1st statement, the idea that working people are backed in this country, he’s bloody joking isn’t he, the very rich and super rich don’t pay taxes so the working man is paying for the national debt, the Tories have increased the National Debt three fold since they got in, he’s gonna take the wages off the immigrants they’re working people, aren’t they? So… the poor ‘working man’ pay for everything, the National Debt via austerity measures whilst all his mates have their businesses off-shore and pay no bloody Tax at all!”
“Yeah I guess so”, I said, wondering what the hell he was going to say next…
“Making school Academies, now that’s a real joke, that’s privatizing schools by the back door, the Heads are given a massive amount of Tax Payers money to run the school as they see fit, the Heads who are running the school are now running a business, not a school, mate! I am telling you schools are a business. Blinking Heads paying themselves a massive salary leaving less money for more teachers and lower class sizes, bloody ridiculous! Bloody ridiculous, that’s what it is, ridiculous!”
“I take it you’re not that impressed then Brian?” I said, as seriously as I could, expecting to get an earful of abuse.
“Look! I’m not going on, BUT! how is reducing people’s benefit, hitting the poor again, under the pretence he’s going to get them into work, if there are no bloody jobs there are no jobs, or do they mean you can have a job but you’ll have to work for nowt? All wrapped up in it’s ‘dignified to work‘, not if you’re at bloody MackieDees  or Cost-us-Coffee or collecting trolleys in a supermarket car park, reminds me of Mrs Thatcher saying, ‘Care in the Community’ what a bloody joke that was, you know what that means don’t you?”
“No Brian, what does it mean?” I knew damn well what it meant but being British I thought I would let him get it off his chest.
“That meant the opposite, the bloody opposite, that meant throwing onto the street all the people with mental health issues and all that stuff, it meant NO CARE in the COMMUNITY, who do they get to write their speeches the bloody tooth fairy?…”
“Brian, sorry to interrupt you mate, I’ve, I’ve left a pan of spuds on the cooker, I can smell ‘em burning…speak later eh?”
“Ya OK….” he sounded down hearted that I had cut him short, but there were pages and pages of the Queens Speech and it was all like that, I guess what Brian was trying to tell me was, it was all about ‘gilding the lily’. It all sounded good ‘couched in nice terms’ but the truth of it is, as Brian saw it, it was all about smashing up state owned schools, NHS and hitting the poor, I couldn’t understand why Brian gives a damn he’s a wealthy man. Why he didn’t spend a bob or two getting a decent hair cut I’ll never know?


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Harvard University proves the benefits of Meditation

Harvard University, America, proves the benefits of Meditation, in their test they report, “The study was led by a Harvard-affiliated team of researchers based at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the team’s MRI scans documented for the very first time in medical history how meditation produced massive changes inside the brain’s gray matter. Although the practice of meditation is associated with a sense of peacefulness and physical relaxation, practitioners have long claimed that meditation also provides cognitive and psychological benefits that persist throughout the day,”
In addition we can see the research by an Australian Dr. Ramesh Manocha looking into the benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, possibly dates before this Harvard University research.

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I went to the Drs about ISDS

TTIP-imageI went to my Drs. about ISDS, I said to my local Dr. it was bad enough having this TTIP problem, he said, “What!” I said “Didn’t you read my blog?” , “No!”, “an unequivocal No!” he shook his head at me in disbelief. So I said, “well now there’s my ISDS and my real concern is that my stress levels are through the roof”
So I went on to tell him Investor-State Dispute Settlement is part of the TTIP, in that it gives big business massive rights over the Government and the people of that country.  It will allow the Americas Big Business, who seems to be the main party of interest in the TTIP and especially the ISDS section, which will allow a company to pursue damages from a government for policies that they say harm the profits of that business. So Dr. I am guessing but…if we have drugs out there from a drug company and it’s showing a major harm to the public, “Yes! yes!” the Dr. said, “I know!  I know where this is all leading, the 4th most common cause of death is badly prescribed drugs, 20% of hospital admissions are due to wrong prescriptions, I know all this!” he said, in a slightly peeved voice, “So Dr. would that information have to be hidden from the public so that big companies wouldn’t have to declare to the public if a drug was harmful as it would cut down on profits?” I inquired?” “maybe” the Dr replied, “but I am guessing it will effect labelling, health and safety more, items like, packaging, foods which are genetically modified, things like that, irradiated food, health warnings on food all that stuff, would probably disappear from the food information section on the label, that is, if that labelling or information is seen to affect profits, maybe they’ll bring back cigarettes? Maybe an increase in poisonous fertilizers who knows? profit is more important than bees.” He jested. The nurse interjected, “I overheard your conversation, sorry, hope you don’t mind? my view is that it will allow companies to sue governments if the actions of that Government impact on company profits. This puts our very democracy in jeopardy.”
“Thank you nurse, now that does make sense!” I said, the Dr. glanced a sideways glance at the nurse, a glance that spoke volumes, a glance that said,”I was just about to say that.” The nurse didn’t take any notice of the Dr. and walked away grinning from ear to ear, she turned and said, “- it’s probably the biggest threat to our democracy, social services, environment, food safety, digital privacy and banking standards this decade!” again I thanked her, again the Dr. gave her the sideways glance.

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